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March 01, 2019

   01 March 2019, Kyiv – Today the Information platform of the gas transmission system Operator of Ukraine started to work in a regular mode and Ukrainian gas market has completely switched to a daily balancing regime.

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   Please be informed that in accordance with paragraph 11 of Chapter 6 of Section XIV of the Code of the gas transmission system for the gas day of 27.10.2021:
- the marginal selling price (taking into account the amount of adjustment of 20%) is 27,199.60 hryvnias with VAT per 1000 cubic meters;
- the marginal selling price (taking into account the amount of adjustment of 10%) is 30,599.55 hryvnias with VAT per 1000 cubic meters;

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   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Congratulations on the day of oil, gas and fuel industry workers! We wish you strong strength and health, firm decisions and positions, confident aspirations and actions, great opportunities and prospects, happy events and days. Let success accompany all endeavors, job satisfaction knows no bounds, and our partnership remains a reliable and true key to success.


   Dear Coal Industry Workers!
   We sincerely congratulate you on Miner's Day! Your work is difficult and dangerous, and the benefits of mining are enormous. As long as you are, the house of each of us is warm and light. So let the particles of heat from each house warm your soul, and let the rays of light illuminate the dark walls!
   Happy holiday, miners!


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   We sincerely congratulate you on the significant holidays for all Ukrainians - the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine!
   We wish the energy of the blue-yellow flag to add to all of us, Ukrainians, from west to east, faith in our nation, in our young but strong state. May each of us, regardless of the business we are engaged in, manage to accomplish grandiose things for the benefit of our native country.
   We sincerely wish you and your families a peaceful sky, good health, love, family comfort and prosperity.


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Congratulations on the national holiday - the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine!
   We sincerely wish you good health and creative inspiration, well-being and comfort in your families, wisdom and foresight, high achievements, success in work and new achievements for the implementation of the principles of the Basic Law of our country - democracy, humanism and legality.


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Congratulations on the greatest holiday - Victory Day! We wish you only peaceful days and good news, a sunny sky over your head and tranquility in every home. Let children's laughter spread in every corner of the earth, and the war will never touch even a small part of your life.
   I wish you happiness in every breath and the most wonderful feeling that there is life with all its delights, there is a family and people who love you, and every moment is valuable.


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   We congratulate you on the bright holiday of Easter and want to wish you to go through life with a good dream, high aspirations, sincere hope, unshakable faith and true love. Let the delicate aroma of Easter cakes, bright colors and eggs, fervent laughter and sincere smiles of relatives fill this bright day with a real miracle and excellent mood.
   We inform you that from May 1-4, 2021 - days off.
   We have been working as usual since May 5, 2021.


   Dear women!
   We sincerely congratulate you on International Women's Day.
   We wish to delight everyone with our beauty, delight loved ones with smiles, fill our lives with grandiose plans and great successes, remain a reflection of radiant kindness and mercy, show magnificence and our wonderful talent in any business.


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Please accept my best wishes, Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas!
   With all our heart we wish you and the team good health, great human happiness, prosperity and God's grace.
   May the New Year be for you rich in goodness, generous in success, good luck and luck!
   Best wishes, PKF TEPLOBUD LLC


   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Congratulations on the Day of workers of the oil, gas and oil refining industry of Ukraine!
   Let the chosen profession bring moral satisfaction and financial stability, and the heart is warmed by the love and care of loved ones. We sincerely wish you cheerfulness of spirit, family well-being, creative and personal achievements, successfully overcome obstacles on the way to your goal! Thank you for the successful experience of working together, we are confident that further partnership will be fruitful and effective.
   Sincerely, the staff of VKF TEPLOBUD LLC

   August 30, 2020

   Dear miners!
   Let me congratulate you on your professional holiday.
   We wish you a bright sun overhead, safe ascents and descents, confidence and stability, feats of work and success. Sincere appreciation for your dedicated work, reliability and responsibility.
   Let your hearts be warmed by the warmth just like the houses where light, kindness and comfort are brought.
   Happy Holidays!

   August 24, 2020

   Dear colleagues and partners!
   Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the upcoming National Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine! Our flag has become not just one of the most important state symbols, but also a symbol of a new - democratic - stage of its development, a symbol of the desire for freedom and prosperity.
   Independence Day of Ukraine is a holiday of true patriots, all who are aware of their responsibility for their own country, are proud of its history, honestly work for the future of Ukraine. On these holidays we wish you happiness, prosperous life, and good health!

   June 28, 2020

   Dear partners and colleagues!
   We sincerely congratulate you on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!
   The Constitution entered public life as the main amulet of statehood and democracy, the guarantor of Ukraine's independence and unity. May the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution become the reality of our present, and may the spirit of legitimacy come to the heart of every citizen of our country. We are confident that the hard work of each of us will be the key to further development of our statehood, will contribute to the well-being of each family.
   We wish everyone peace, health and mutual understanding.

   May 9, 2020

   Dear partners!
   Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the victory! We wish you a peaceful sky above your head, joyful meetings filled with birdsong and the spring scent of lilac.
   Let the echoes of war remain only in books and movies, the world every day gives only happiness, joy and loud laughter of children, and the great victory will become a symbol of justice, honor and peace in your home!

   April 19, 2020

   Respectable partners!
   Congratulations on a happy Easter and on this wonderful holiday we want to wish to go through life with a good dream, high aspiration, sincere hope, strong faith and great love. Let the delicate aroma of buttercakes, bright colors and egg painting fill this day with a real miracle and good mood.
Christ is Risen!


   March 8, 2020

   Dear colleagues, we congratulate you on March 8!
   We wish you a wonderful mood and many smiles. Let the work give the desired results, everything turns out easily and without obstacles. Bright emotions, incredibly strong love and tenderness, attention and caring participation. May all roads lead you to success, and there will be no barriers for female happiness. Be happy and irresistible! Happy holiday!
   With best wishes, “PKF“ TEPLOBUD ”

   December 31, 2019

   Dear colleagues and partners!
   We sincerely congratulate you on New Year and Merry Christmas!
   We wish this year to give you great opportunities and prospects for prosperity and success.
   May happiness be in your homes, love in your hearts and stability, trust, honesty, understanding and luck in our partnerships!

   September 08, 2019

   Dear partners!
   Congratulations on the day of workers in the oil, gas and oil refining industries of Ukraine!
   We wish you on this momentous day that future achievements surpass past ones, financial stability and systematic profit.
   Achievements of new heights, strength and self-confidence, fortitude, honest victories and well-deserved recognition!

   August 25, 2019

   TEPLOBUD Company welcomes miners with a professional holiday! We wish all employees of this hard work excellent health, patience, care, safety, reliability and confidence.
   Be happy, strive for your dreams and achieve what you want.
   Good luck and success!

   August 24, 2019

   I want to rely on the independence of our state in good health, great health, great homeland, peace, thank you, and thank you for good.
   Good day your life will be filled with joy, warmth and new health, and your good deeds help to increase the glory of Ukraine.

   August 23, 2019

   The TEPLOBUD company congratulates everyone on the State Flag Day of Ukraine and sincerely wishes a clean peaceful blue sky over the heads of Ukrainians, generous and cloudy fields in the vastness of the country.
   Let the flag of Ukraine proudly develop in the wind and certainly give inspiration and bright hope to each of the inhabitants of the state.

   June 28, 2019

   Dear partners!
   We sincerely congratulate you on an outstanding holiday - the Constitution Day of Ukraine! We wish you success and fruitful work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. May this holiday give you strength and creative achievements in the name of the prosperity of our country.
   We sincerely wish you good health, long life, peace and prosperity, the fulfillment of all plans for the bright future of Ukraine!

   May 09, 2019

   Congratulations to you with a bright, big and solemn holiday for all our country.
   Let there be peaceful heaven above your heads, let nothing disturb our children's calm sleep.
   On this day, I would like to wish that peace and prosperity flourish in every house, so that every person will protect his loved ones, and that every day he will bring joy and confidence in the future!

   April 28, 2019

   Dear partners and colleagues!
   The company TOV "VKF "TEPLOBUD "whole-heartedly congratulates you on the occasion of bright Easter. We wish you health, unlimited love, inexhaustible wealth and prosperity. Let life always have the right solution for every problem, and the heart always warms the hope and kind smiles of dear people.
   Happy holiday!

   April 25, 2019

   Dear Partner!
   We inform you that on April 22, 2019, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Energy and Utilities adopted the Resolution "On Approval of Amendments to Certain NERCP Regulations", which introduced a new model of distribution of capacities and procedure for access to capacities, by way of repurchase by the Supplier for The consumer of the power required to supply the declared volumes of gas.
   On Approval of Amendments to Certain NERCP Regulations

   April 24, 2019

   Dear colleagues and partners! Congratulations on May holidays. We wish you to have a productive break on holiday, to be in charge of a positive and emotional conversation with your loved ones.
   In the period of May holidays we work in the following mode:
   From April 27, 2019 - May 1, 2019 - weekends;
   May 2 - 3, 2019 - working days;
   May 4-5, 2019 - weekends;
   6 - May 8, 2019 - working days;
   May 9, 2019 - weekend;
   10 - 11 May 2019 - working days;
   May 12, 2019 - Weekend.
   From May 13, 2019 we work in the usual mode.

   August 24, 2018

   Dear Partners!
   I congratulate you on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine.
   Let your business bring you even more profits, and your work will improve the welfare of your families, which, in turn, will be reflected in the level of living in our country.
   We, in turn, look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

   June 28, 2018

   Dear colleagues and partners!
   We sincerely congratulate you on the great holiday - the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine! We sincerely wish you good health and creative inspiration, well-being and comfort in your families, wisdom and foresight, high achievements, successes in work and new achievements. And let the potential of every citizen of Ukraine for the development of the economic, cultural and spiritual spheres of our country be fully disclosed.
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