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   Газ на українському ринку подешевшав до мінімуму за останні 1,5 року.

Ціни на природний газ на українському ринку на торгах у вівторок, 28 лютого, вперше за 1,5 року впали нижче 20 тис грн за тисячу кубометрів.
ПАТ "Укрнафта" на аукціоні на "Українській енергетичній біржі" у вівторок продала 10 млн куб м ресурсу березня за ціною 16 250 грн/тис куб м (без ПДВ) або 19 500 грн/тис куб м (з ПДВ).
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   Please be informed that in accordance with point 9 of Chapter 6 of Section XIV of the Gas Transmission System Code for the gas day of 02.03.2023 року:

- the marginal sale price is 19 224,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the weighted average price of short-term standardized products per gas day (D) is 21 360,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the marginal purchase price is 23 496,00 UAH/tcm including VAT

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   ”PCF " TEPLOBUD " Ltd. operates on the principles of free fair competition focused on providing a high level protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

Natural gas pricing ismade(implemented) for every customer individually.
A key factor in pricing is consumption volumes and terms of payment for natural gas.

The main direction of pricing improving is to create the most flexible system based on compliance with legislative requirements and continuous analysis of economic market conditions.

"PCF" TEPLOBUD "Ltd.sells natural gas at prices lower by 10-15% than the price of"Naftogaz Ukraine", in addition we are able to offer you the price of natural gas, which differs favorably from the prices offered by other gassuppliers.

Terms of payment

"PCF“ TEPLOBUD "Ltd.offers natural gas supply under the following terms of payment:

1. Prepayment (advance payment): 100% of the planned monthly volumes by the 25th day of the monthpreceding the month of gas supply.

2. Payment every ten days:
33% of the planned monthly volumes before the 10th day of the month of gas supply;
33% of the planned monthly volumes before the 20th day of the month of gas supply;
34% of the planned monthly volumes before the 30thday of the month of gas supply.

Also, we are always ready to discuss payment terms convenient for you and to consider your wishes on this matter as soon as possible.
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