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   Газ на українському ринку подешевшав до мінімуму за останні 1,5 року.

Ціни на природний газ на українському ринку на торгах у вівторок, 28 лютого, вперше за 1,5 року впали нижче 20 тис грн за тисячу кубометрів.
ПАТ "Укрнафта" на аукціоні на "Українській енергетичній біржі" у вівторок продала 10 млн куб м ресурсу березня за ціною 16 250 грн/тис куб м (без ПДВ) або 19 500 грн/тис куб м (з ПДВ).
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   Please be informed that in accordance with point 9 of Chapter 6 of Section XIV of the Gas Transmission System Code for the gas day of 02.03.2023 року:

- the marginal sale price is 19 224,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the weighted average price of short-term standardized products per gas day (D) is 21 360,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the marginal purchase price is 23 496,00 UAH/tcm including VAT

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   Honesty and integrity

We are committed to the idea of respect and decency. In relations with partners we rely on transparency and openness. We provide full , accurate and timely information concerning cooperation with our company, highlight all the features to be considered in the work process and offer the most effective ways of solving set tasks. Partnership relations are based on long-term mutual trust, respect, loyalty and promoting their further development! We value not only the result but also the way to achieve it.


We strive to be the best in all areas of our activities in order to maintain a leading position in the gas sector. We always take the initiative, work at maximum efficiency and everyday implement changes aimed at improving business processes.

The company "TEPLOBUD" succeeded thanks to the professionalism and reliability of workers as well as the values and principles that we follow in business relations, including high ethical convictions.

We always act quickly and decisively, actively respond to any changes. The speed of our development is our competitive advantage!


Stable proficiency and focus on better results allow us to achieve high quality business relationships with all partners. Company’s long-term targets and the level of services provided have an indisputable priority over short-term profits. Providing uninterruptednatural gas supply to consumers of different economics sectors throughout Ukraine, we strive to create the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Company’s employees hold an active position when dealing with partners and are always open for dialogue.


Within dynamic market and changing legislation, we make every effort to take into account any changes and to put them into our practice. Our work meets all regulatory requirements and legal provisions. In relationship with every marketparticipant we follow the law requirements and accepted norms of civilized business.
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