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   Газ на українському ринку подешевшав до мінімуму за останні 1,5 року.

Ціни на природний газ на українському ринку на торгах у вівторок, 28 лютого, вперше за 1,5 року впали нижче 20 тис грн за тисячу кубометрів.
ПАТ "Укрнафта" на аукціоні на "Українській енергетичній біржі" у вівторок продала 10 млн куб м ресурсу березня за ціною 16 250 грн/тис куб м (без ПДВ) або 19 500 грн/тис куб м (з ПДВ).
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   Please be informed that in accordance with point 9 of Chapter 6 of Section XIV of the Gas Transmission System Code for the gas day of 02.03.2023 року:

- the marginal sale price is 19 224,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the weighted average price of short-term standardized products per gas day (D) is 21 360,00 UAH/tcm including VAT;

- the marginal purchase price is 23 496,00 UAH/tcm including VAT

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   Quality and other physical and chemical characteristics of natural gas are determined according to established standards and regulations.

According to the rules of the GTS (gas transporting systems) Code natural gas, supplied to the gas transporting system, must meet the following requirements:
Methanecontent (C 1), mol.%Minimum90
Ethane content (C 2), mol. %Maximum 7
Propane content (C 3), mol. %Maximum 3
Butane content (C 4), mol. %Maximum 2
Pentaneandotherheavierhydrocarbons content(C 5+), mol. %Maximum1
Nitrogen content (N 2), mol. %Maximum5
Carboncontent(CO 2), mol. %Maximum2
Oxygencontent (O 2), mol. %Maximum 0,02
Higher combustion temperature (25° C/20° C)Minimum 36,20 MJ/m3(10,06 kwatt•h/m3)
Maximum 38,30 Мj/m 3 (10,64 kwatt•h/m3)
Higher combustion temperature (25° C/0° C)Minimum 38,8MJ/m3 (10,80 kwatt•h/m3)
Maximum 41,10 MJ/m3 (11,42 kwatt•h/m3)
Lower combustion temperature (25° C/20° C)Minimum 32,66 MJ/m3 (09,07 kwatt•h/m3)
Maximum 34,54 MJ/m3 (09,59 kwatt•h/m3)
Dew point temperature by moisture ° C at absolute gas pressure 3.92 MPaDoes not exceed minus 8 (-8)
Dew point temperature by the hydrocarbons at gas temperature not lower than 0 ° CDoes not exceed 0° C
Solids (mechanical impurities) contentNo
Hydrogen sulphide content, g/m3Maximum 0,006
Mercaptan sulfur content, g/m3Maximum 0,02
   Determination of physic-chemical parameters and other characteristics (hereafter FCP) of natural gas is carried out at the entry and exit points.
Responsible for the quality of gas are:

1) at the entry point (except for entry points at the inter - state connection) - operators of related systems, gas companies, producers of biogas and other gas from alternative sources, that serve natural gas to the transportation system at the entry point. At the entry points at the inter-state connection, the customer (orderer) of transportation services is responsible;

2) at the exit points - the operator of the gas transporting system.
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