28 june 2017

   TEPLOBUD PCF Ltd sincerely congratulates you on the holiday - the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine!
   This day has forever entered the newest history of our society, and therefore we can only believe that all the rights and freedoms declared by the Constitution will necessarily become the norm of life for all Ukrainian citizens. On this holiday, we wish you good health and creative inspiration, well-being and comfort in your families, wisdom and foresight, high achievements, successes in work and new achievements for the sake of the bright future of our country!

18 june 2017

   On June 18, 2017, in accordance with the resolution of the EUNRC No. 689 dated 25.05.2017, entered into force amendments to the Code of Gas Storage, to the Model Storage Agreement (injection, selection) of natural gas , Changes to the Methodology for Determining and Calculation of Tariffs for Storage Services (injection, selection) of natural gas in relation to gas storage facilities to which the regulated access regime is applied. Read the EUNRC resolution No. 689 of 25.05.2017 here: